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Marketing to Millenials

Millenials (18-34 year olds) will become the nation’s largest living generation this year — even larger than Gen X and Baby Boomers.  Millenial buyers look for different features in a prospective home from some other buyers.  They tend to like open floor plans, proximity to trendy neighborhoods, and technology.  Think about it — Millenials grew up using computers, so they want to be able to incorporate technology into their homes as much as possible.  Control the garage door from your smart phone?  Great.  Play music throughout the house via Bluetooth?  Fantastic.  But what if your home doesn’t have all this technology, but you want to attract this large group of buyers?  Well, a great way to make your house more technologically advanced and attractive to Millenial buyers could be something as simple as installing an automated thermostat such as the Nest.  These thermostats “learn” how the homeowner likes the temperature of her house and turn on before she even gets home or while she is sleeping.  They can also be controlled from a smart phone, so no more coming home to a freezing house!  Nest thermostats only cost about $150, so installing one in a property that you’re selling can turn your average condo into something that will really catch the eye of a Millenial buyer.

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