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Molly was an awesome real estate agent! As a first time buyer, I needed a lot of hand-holding and she definitely made my life easier and the whole process simple. It started with the condo-hunting – we spent an hour at our first meeting talking about exactly what I was looking for and how she could help. Before starting to work with Molly, I had seen about 20 places of which I’d maybe liked 3. After our meeting, she was able to refine my search a lot and the places that I physically saw for myself were all much more ‘within the box’ of what I wanted. 

She provided great advice during the offer and counter-offer stages and then was super involved during the escrow process. I hadn’t realized how complex the escrow process (esp. a 30-day one) and all the required inspections/approvals are, but she was there all the way through to guide me along from recommending contractors and setting up inspections to reviewing all the documents to bringing it all together for a final close. 

It was certainly much-needed and even-more-so-appreciated white-glove treatment! I will be availing myself of her services when I sell this first home in a few years and buy my next one. Thank you Molly! ☺

-Tanzeer K., Palms

Molly is an excellent realtor. She found me my very first home and walked me through all stages until we CLOSED! I'm now a homeowner thanks to Molly. She knew exactly what I wanted, stayed within my range, pushed me away from bad deals and pushed me toward great deals, which is important to have when houseshopping. Her lawyerly skills came through during negotiations and we got the best deal in one of the hardest real estate markets in the country. I honestly wouldn't have my first purchase if it weren't for Molly. I wouldn't hesitate using her as an agent. She's also personable so all those days spent on open houses was fun!

-Maryam A., West Hollywood

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Molly is a great agent!  Her personality, skills, and expertise were invaluable throughout our house hunting, offer/acceptance, and escrow processes.  She made our busy lives so much easier by taking ownership of these processes and giving us great advice, while still giving us space to make our own decisions and do our own diligence.  We never felt rushed or pressured by Molly in any way, rather she has a great demeanor and provided gentle guidance that helped us stay on track and enabled us to get everything on our wish-list.  She was always looking out for our best interest even though, at times, the other parties in our transactions were being difficult and/or acting questionably.  She takes a balanced approach that paid off for us on many occasions! 

In the hyper-competitive LA real estate market, we were worried about house hunting forever and not getting a deal done.  We had heard many horror stories of people searching for months (and even years in a few cases) and making dozens of offers but still getting nowhere.  Time was of the essence for us and Molly did a wonderful job of talking with the listing agents to get us real-time information about a property above and beyond what was in the listing description.  Molly's insights were incredibly helpful and steered us clear of wasting time and energy on listings that weren't the right fit for us.  Molly ended up getting our offer accepted just a few weeks after we started our search.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel escrow two weeks into that transaction because of the inspection results.  Not to be discouraged, Molly showed us additional properties immediately, and we were in escrow again less than two weeks later, this time on an even better house!  

As first time buyers, we needed a little bit of hand-holding throughout the escrow process.  Molly walked us through every step, explaining everything as we went and getting us a great deal on our home.  She has a network of excellent inspectors and vendors who made the escrow process easy and understandable.  She attended every single inspection (during both escrows) and provided valuable insight to help identify the major issues with the property. In the end, she was able to get the seller to agree to virtually all of the requested repairs.  

Overall, Molly worked incredibly hard for us, and I highly recommend Molly to anyone looking to buy or sell.  Stop debating whether you need an agent, and/or which agent to use, and just hire Molly. You won't regret it!

-Jared, Jenny, and Elwood W., Sherman Oaks